Welcome to CityCooker!

I’m Lisa, a native New Yorker currently living in Washington, DC.

CityCooker is a blog about a 20-something trying to cook big in a small city kitchen. There is little that I love more in life than food and cooking. My passion and joy is making a big mess in the kitchen and enjoying the fruits of my labor with friends and family.

I hope that my musings relate cooking to the everyday person. Even living in a small city apartment with limited kitchen space, it is possible to cook up a storm! This blog tracks my experiences with food in all ways. From traveling to classes, everyday I am trying new recipes and new restaurants. Join me on my culinary adventure!

Please feel free to contact me! I can be reached at CityCooker@gmail.com. I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have. You can like CityCooker on Facebook and follow @CityCooker on Twitter and Instagram.


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